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April 19, 2017 Comments (0) In the News, Race Report, Trail Running

Carson Canyons Half Marathon Race Report

The race was the Carson Canyons Half Marathon in Carson City.  It was the first of three in the Tahoe Triple Trail racing series.  My start was tenuous as I had broken my arm and cracked a few ribs in a mountain bike crash a month prior.  The break didn’t require a cast and wasn’t hurting anymore but it wasn’t healed and I needed to be careful not to make it worse.  In the end I decided to race for training.  My ribs kept me from going too deep and with all the elevation gain (3500′) it slowed me quite a bit.  I kept a reasonable pace though and descended as conservatively as I could as to not fall.  The Altra Olympus shoes definitely helped reduce stress to my ribs on descents and I was grateful to have that option.  Healthy I’m sure I could have bested my overall finish from 9th to 7th as the positions were in my grasp.  Ultimately I finished and got 2nd in my age group.  I was satisfied with that given the restrictions I was racing with.  It was solid training.

The next race is Escape from Prison Hill and I plan to race similarly though I’m further along in the healing process so perhaps my results will reflect that?  Hoping to be 100% for the final race in Reno at the end of May.


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