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Carson Epic Race Report

Patience.  I think if I came away with anything from this race it was learning to be patient when it comes to gains in fitness.
The race, The Carson City Epic was something I was targeting all year.  I signed up for the 35mile race and trained for it.  I hadn’t raced a mountain bike since 2011 so I didn’t know what to expect but I prepared as best I could.  The start wasn’t too bad, I climbed ok up King St, I had three other teammates up ahead of me and another behind so that was really cool.  Once on the descent to Ash Canyon I started  making up lots of spots and passed about twenty people, I felt pretty good about that.
The second lap was pretty much a disaster.  The heat, the additional climbing just blew me up.  I was exhausted and pretty dismayed.  At the aid station I even contemplated quitting, luckily I just took a moment in the shade, hydrated and made the decision to trudge on to the finish.  I’m glad I did.  Despite my difficultly I still finished in 11th place in my category.  At the time I was disappointed with that finish but a month later I can say I’m satisfied with that finish and based on the training Ive been doing lately I definitely got a bump in fitness and confidence from that race.  I’m already looking forward to next year and more running and riding this year.  Here’s to being patient with yourself and trusting your training.

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