Sierra Endurance Sports Summer Update

February 8, 2017 Comments (0) Health

EMPLOYERS Corporate Wellness Program

We are honored to be helping our corporate sponsor EMPLOYERS with their corporate wellness program!

This LiFE series, which combines learning and fitness, will offer something for everyone. Educational topics will touch on many different areas such as nutrition, forming successful habits, and much more. Movement will also be an integral part of the series and will be scaled to different levels of fitness and ability. You will learn stretch and movement activities that you can do throughout your work day as well as participate in group runs, etc.

The introduction session for this series was held last Wednesday and was designed to provide an overview. The series begins on Wednesday, February 8 in the Tahoe break room at noon.

The LiFE series will be held each Wednesday. On the first Wednesday of each month a special 1 hour session will be held which may include guest speakers, demonstrations, etc. The other weekly sessions during the month will be approximately 30 minutes in duration and will be broken out into the two focus areas listed below.

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