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February training and getting healthy

This month has been pretty low key but extremely frustrating at the same time. Cross training is going well, adding some heavy lifting/OCR specific training and getting out on my stepper trainer logging some much needed miles of climbing. My calf issue I’ve had for years keeps coming and going. As soon as I feel like things are looking up, I go right back to square one. This month I’ve been taking things a bit slower… being more patient and giving myself a little more time to recover before hitting the streets again and pounding my legs. So far its been working but I’m scared to death to get back out there and go race pace with the fear of something happening again. With my extremely heavy race schedule this year and adding the US Spartan Championship Series, I really can’t take much time off to fully recover. Just gonna try to manage the situation as best as I can and then take next year to really focus on getting healthy and racing less, that way I can try to be ready for 2019 and becoming a Master. My Spartan race schedule really picks up now with 2 races in Vegas next weekend (pending being healthy), then 2 weeks later a set of races in San Jose, and 3 weeks after that is the first of 5 races in the US Spartan series in Seattle…just doesn’t stop. I will have the month of May off to recover and train the best way possible before the second US series race in Monterey. Our family is really looking forward to that race since we haven’t been there in almost 9 years. We’ll be staying with fellow Spartan Elite racer and great friends Ian Deyerle, Parma, and daughter Lily… one of our sons favorite friends and Spartan partner! Well… I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress and hopefully on my race results too! Til next month my friends…

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