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May and June race and training review

May 7, 2017 Comments (0) Spartan Race, Uncategorized

March and April race and training report

Hello all! Sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been so busy with life and haven’t had much time for anything. As of today, my calf injuries have subsided and my training is getting back on track. Over the past 2 months I’ve raced 4 Spartan races and a Half Marathon…. and also became a Great Uncle!

Earlier in March we took a trip to Mesquite, NV to run in the Las Vegas Spartan Super and Sprint. My training was awful due to the lingering pain in my legs which only allowed me 50 miles of running since the end of Jan. We still decided to make the trip to see what happened even though I had no business trying to race against the talent that are always at these races. March 18th was the Spartan Super and I was mentally ready to go but physically not ready one bit. I took the running very easy so I didn’t put any unnecessary stress on my calves but the 2 miles of sand running in the beginning didn’t help. I ran the race without totally blowing up and ran penalty free finishing in 17th place overall and 3rd age group. The rest of the day was spent rolling and icing my leg in hopes that I could run the next day. I actually felt pretty good the next morning so I decided to run the Sprint and run a little harder to see what I could do. Definitely ran faster and competed harder and again ran penalty free and finished 12th overall and 1st age group.

All in all it was a good weekend at the Vegas races. I have to be satisfied with the lack of training and the fact that I didn’t hurt myself any further. I have a long way to go but this is definitely a very good sign.

2 weeks later I ran in the San Jose Super and Sprint and felt a little better about what I was going to be able to do. Training had picked up a bit but I knew that this weekend was gonna have some really talented runners. I started out in the lead for the first half mile then my friend Ian Deyerle took over once the hills started and didn’t look back. I just wasn’t able to hit the hills very hard and absolutely couldn’t hammer the downhills likes I normally do. I tried to catch some of the runners on the flat sections but as soon as I made progress the barbed wire crawl came up and I lost a few spots (my achilles heel of OCR). At the end of the race was the spear throw and I missed, so that’s 30 burpees and out of the top 10 for me. I finished 12th overall and 1st age group. I felt good other than completely out of shape so I ran the next day as well. Since the course was shorter the next day and most of the hill climbing was taken out, I thought I had a decent chance at making the podium. The race started and I was in a race for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd until the monkey bars came up. Due to the race being shorter, this obstacle came up a lot earlier in the race and hadn’t gotten a chance for all the dew to dry. I was one of the many that failed this because we all slipped off…I’ve never had this happen before nor have I ever seen this affect so many people. I’d say around 20 people passed me by the time I was done with my burpee penalty and I had a lot of work to do. I ran down many of the competitors but I knew it was too late to make a strong push for the podium. Unfortunately with these shorter sprint distances(3-5 miles) if you make one mistake it usually takes you out of contention. I placed 10th overall and 2nd age group. I was so extremely frustrated after these races, I decided that I was in no shape to compete with the best of the best in OCR in Seattle at the first NBC US championship series race.

I’m finally getting the opportunity to train for 2 months with no races to worry about and trying to get back on track. With a very heavy race schedule starting in June, I really think I need this time to get dialed in and focus. So……

My niece and her fiancé just had a beautiful baby girl Scarlett Lily, so we took a trip to Vegas to visit the newest addition to the family. While down there I found a half marathon to jump in. I just wanted to use this as a good tempo run and see how my legs felt after some pretty consistent training … all be it only about 20 miles a week while trying to fit in more upper body strength and cross training. I felt good other than the constant 15-25 mph winds to run in. I won the race with a time of 1:19, not  a great time but I wasn’t going for that…just a good solid run. So there you have it…I’m finally feeling good, training is going better, and I have 3 races in the next 4 weeks coming up. I’ll keep you posted on the results and also how the training is going!

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