March and April race and training report

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May and June race and training review

Hello everyone! I try to do a post every month but training and time gets away from me and it ends up being 2 months…I apologize. A lot of things have happened in the past 2 months (good and bad)!

Training in May went very well and I finally went to a race in somewhat good condition, other than a head cold I had. We drove down to Monterey over Memorial day weekend and stayed with our friends Ian Deyerle and his girlfriend Parma and their 5 year old daughter Lily (Layton’s Spartan partner). We went down there to celebrate our 14 year wedding anniversary and to race the NorCal Rugged Maniac event. Rugged Maniac is another OCR event and this one was a 5k in Pleasanton, CA. I won the race in what the race director said was a course record and Ian placed 2nd. This is a fun event with a lot of the same obstacles as a Spartan race but with less heavy carries and more “fun obstacles” such as the warped wall and a giant slide.

The following week we headed back down to Monterey for the NBC US Championships Spartan race. We once again stayed with Ian and his family and had dinner Friday night with some pretty impressive athletes! Ian, the winner of Season 1 of Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge… who will also be on season 2 that airs July 3rd at 10pm on NBC. Mark Batres and his wife Natalie who have both won Spartan races this year. Mark also just won a half marathon with a 1:09 and could’ve gone faster if he had anyone to run with. Also Ryan Woods who just recently ran around a 14:30 5k back East. My goal for this race was to place in the top 30 with an outside hopeful goal of top 20. With the caliber of racers at this race, all of the top OCR racers, I had my work cut out for me. The race went well as I was penalty free until the last final gauntlet of obstacles. I got to the tire flip and I just couldn’t grip or budge the 400lb tire so I decided to just go do my burpees and not spend anymore time messing with it. I finished 20th overall and was extremely pleased as my training seems to be paying off!

Next up was the Boise Spartan Sprint on June 24th. About 2 weeks earlier I messed up my hamstring doing a normal tempo run of 5:30-5:50 miles and am too stupid to stop when I felt something. So I had a very nagging hamstring injury that I still can’t shake, but nothing that some ibuprofen can’t handle! The race started out good with me taking it out fairly fast and leading the first mile. My hamstring was a little sore but loosened up and wasn’t an issue the rest of the race. Myself and 2 other guys kept trading places for 3.5 miles then I hit the spear throw and made it through the Olympus first and headed to the final gauntlet of obstacles. John Howell passed me going up hill during the low crawl and put a couple seconds on me downhill to the festival area. We both got on the multi rig and rang the bell at the same time, on to the Twister and finished that simultaneously then on to the rope climb where he got up it a second faster. Then run over to the dunk wall and to the finish. I placed 2nd overall in one of the closest races I’ve been in or seen. Finally got on the podium and things are looking up at the moment, just need to get this hamstring under control. Next race is this weekend, July 8th in Palmerton, PA and it’s the 3rd NBC US Championships Spartan race and all the top dogs will be there. It’s going to be a very different course than Monterey,  something similar to the World Championships course in Squaw with lots of steep, long hills and very heavy carries.

I will try to give a race update when I get back from NYC and hopefully I come back with good news.  Another top 20 would be awesome but 30 will be good as well. Just trying to get better and stronger everyday and take care of my little nagging injuries. Stay healthy everyone and rememberto “Run the Tangent”! Do or do not, there is no try! A little somethin’ from my boy Yoda! 

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