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Coeur d’Alene 70.3 Race Report

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Peavine Challenge/Nevada State Championships

I had a great time racing this past Sunday at the Peavine Challenge in Reno, Nevada. Going into the race I was excited because this year the Peavine Challenge doubled as the Nevada State XC MTB Championships, the course was 36km with 3000 feet of climbing. After completing my warm-up I was excited and ready to race and proceeded to the start line getting a good position near the front of the line. After the race started I felt great and after a few minutes of racing found myself in third place behind my brother, Curtis Duncan, and one other racer. After starting the first major cIMG_2601-2limb of the race I increased the pace and moved up to first place. Nearing the top of the climb I looked back and saw the 2nd place a little under a minute back. After reaching the top of the climb I had my first GU and started going down the Halo trail which was a long, rocky, but gradual descent. At the conclusion of the Halo trail I was in second place and started the Second and final major climb of the race. I quickly found myself in first place once again and focused on putting as much time as possible between be and second place. After reaching the top of the climb I looked back on the switchbacks and could see that I had a solid lead of a few minutes. I had my second GU and began my descent down the mountain. After completing the last short climb before the finish I began the final descent to the finish line. Feeling great I sprinted into the finish and was excited to take the overall victory. I wold also like to congratulate my teammates from Sierra Endurance Sports who also competed: Curtis Duncan, Suzie Snyder, Matt Balzer, and Tim Milton.

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