2017/05/20Nevada City Dirt Classic #3Craig Manning4
2017/04/30Downtown River RunRussell Aaron4
2017/04/23Sea Otter Classic CAT 1 XC MTBCraig Manning9
2017/04/22Escape From Prison Hill Half MarathonRussell Aaron5
2017/04/22Sea Otter Classic Masters 45+ CAT 4 Circuit RaceCraig Manning2
2017/04/16Xterra Costa Rica - Race ReportSuzie Snyder1
2017/04/02Xterra Chile - Race ReportSuzie Snyder2
2017/03/25XTERRA Real - Race ReportRussell Aaron21
2017/01/29TBF MTB ClassicReid Weber37
2017/01/29TBF MTB ClassicMatt Balzer15
2017/01/15MTB KickstartCasey Keen6
2016/12/04California International Marathon 3:39:32Reid Weber1719
2016/11/19ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships - Race ReportSuzie Snyder3
2016/10/24Xterra World Championship - Race ReportSuzie Snyder3
2016/10/23Xterra World Championship - Race ReportKara LaPoint15
2016/09/18Xterra Pan-Am Champs - Race ReportKara LaPoint5
2016/09/17Xterra Pan Am Championships - Race ReportSuzie Snyder1
2016/09/03The RUT skyrace 28kBen Tedore14
2016/08/20Xterra Lake Tahoe - Race ReportKara LaPoint1
2016/08/13Dunnigan Hills Road Race Masters 45+ CAT 4Craig Manning2
2016/08/06Xterra MexicoSuzie Snyder1
2016/07/31Xterra Dominican RepublicSuzie Snyder1
2016/07/31Xterra Dominican Republic - Race ReportKara LaPoint3
2016/07/30Pyramid Lake TriathlonCody Forman4
2016/07/30Pyramid Lake TriathlonMatt Balzer3
2016/07/24Donner Lake Triathlon - Race ReportKara LaPoint1
2016/07/24Red Kite Bump Circuit Race Masters 45+ CAT 4Craig Manning3
2016/07/23Crossfire Hurricane Hillclimb TT Masters 45+ CAT 3/4Craig Manning7
2016/07/16Xterra Beaver CreekSuzie Snyder2
2016/07/16Xterra Beaver Creek - Race ReportKara LaPoint6
2016/07/03Xterra France - Race ReportKara LaPoint12
2016/06/25Xterra Mine Over MatterSuzie Snyder1
2016/06/25Xterra Mine Over Matter - Race ReportSuzie Snyder1
2016/06/25Duathlon NationalsCody Forman13
2016/06/25Xterra Switzerland - Race ReportKara LaPoint15
2016/06/21NCNCA District TT Mens 45-49 CAT 4/5Craig Manning5
2016/06/19Epic Rides Carson City Off-RoadSuzie Snyder10
2016/06/19Broken Arrow Skyrace 26k - Race ReportBen Tedore3
2016/06/10Tour De Nez Masters 45+ CAT 4/5 CriteriumCraig Manning1
2016/06/10Tour De Nez Masters 35+ CAT 4/5 CriteriumCraig Manning4
2016/06/05Peavine Challenge - Race ReportCurtis Duncan3
2016/06/05Ironman 70.3 RaleighKara LaPoint13
2016/05/22Modesto Road Race Masters 45+ CAT 4/5Craig Manning22
2016/05/21Silver State 50k - Race ReportBen Tedore2
2016/05/21Xterra Oak Mountain - Race ReportSuzie Snyder1
2016/05/21Xterra Southeast ChampionshipKara LaPoint3
2016/05/21Modesto Criterium 45+ CAT 4/5Craig Manning4
2016/05/15Auburn TriathlonCody Forman1
2016/05/14Battle Born EnduroCurtis Duncan3
2016/05/14Battle Born EnduroMatt Balzer7
2016/05/01Golden State Masters 35+ CAT 4/5 Circuit RaceCraig Manning12
2016/04/30Wildflower 70.3Kara LaPoint14
2016/04/30Golden State 35+ CAT 4/5 CriteriumCraig Manning18
2016/04/182016 Sea Otter Classic XC CAT 1 45-49Craig Manning15
2016/04/16Sea Otter Classic - Race ReportSuzie Snyder24
2016/04/16ICE BreakerCody Forman3
2016/04/162016 Sea Otter Classic Masters 45+ CAT 5 Circuit RaceCraig Manning1
2016/04/10HITS Napa Valley Olympic Distance TriathlonCody Forman5
2016/04/09US Cup Bonelli Park - Race ReportSuzie Snyder1
2016/04/02US ProXCT – Fontana City NationalKara LaPoint18
2016/04/02XTERRA REALMatt Balzer1
2016/04/02Fontana City National MTB Race - Race ReportSuzie Snyder1
2016/03/20Xterra Costa RicaKara LaPoint2
2016/03/13Leprechaun RaceCody Forman4
2016/03/12Marin Ultra Challenge 50kBen Tedore11
2016/03/07The Great Ski RaceKara LaPoint3
2016/03/06The Great Ski Race 2016JP Donovan43
2016/03/06Stanford Treeathlon - Race ReportCody Forman6
2016/03/05Diamond Peak Uphill Downhill Dash 2016JP Donovan1
2016/02/28TBF Mountain Bike MadnessMatt Balzer8
2016/02/28TBF Racing MTB MadnessCraig Manning22
2016/02/27United States Snowshoe National ChampionshipsJP Donovan9
2016/02/20Cal Berkeley 3200mCody Forman3
2016/02/14TBF MTB ChallengeCraig Manning27
2016/02/13Mt. Taylor Winter QuadrathlonJP Donovan2
2016/02/07Chasing he Gnome Snowshoe Race 2016JP Donovan3
2016/02/06Love Can Be Cold trail 10kBen Tedore1
2016/01/01Peavine Face OffBen Tedore1
2015/11/14National Duathlon ChampionshipsMatt Pendola12
2015/10/18TBF 50 MilerCraig Manning18
2015/10/03Flagstaff Sky Race 55kNoah Reynolds24
2015/09/26Henleyville Road RaceCraig Manning5
2015/09/20Xterra USA Championships - Race ReportMatt Balzer2
2015/08/29Castle Peak 100kNoah Reynolds16
2015/08/29Winters Road RaceCraig Manning12
2015/08/23Great Tahoe Flume Race - Race ReportCurtis Duncan11
2015/08/23Great Tahoe Flume Mountain Bike RaceNathan Brown10
2015/08/23Great Tahoe Flume RaceCraig Manning5
2015/08/15RAGNAR Trail Tahoe - Race ReportJP Donovan-2
2015/08/15XTERRA Lake Tahoe - Race ReportDavid Duncan2
2015/08/15Xterra Lake TahoeNathan Brown5
2015/08/09Discrete Peak Series, Alta - Race ReportJP Donovan1
2015/08/08Tiszaujvaros ITU World CupBrandon Nied22
2015/08/02Red Bull Rise - Race ReportJP Donovan1
2015/08/01Pyramid Lake TriathlonMatt Balzer2
2015/08/01Downieville Classic Cross Country Mountain Bike RaceNathan Brown69
2015/07/26Donner Lake Sprint TriathlonMatt Balzer1
2015/07/26Cascade Cycling Classic Circuit RaceBrandon Nied1
2015/07/25USA Mountain Running Championships - Race ReportJP Donovan5
2015/07/25Speedgoat 50kBen Tedore51
2015/07/25Cascade Cycling Classic CriteriumBrandon Nied4
2015/07/25Cascade Cycling Classic Time TrialBrandon Nied2
2015/07/24Cascade Cycling Classic Road RaceBrandon Nied1
2015/07/19Audi Power of Four 25k - Race ReportJP Donovan3
2015/07/18Audi Power of Four VK - Race ReportJP Donovan2
2015/07/18Tahoe Trail 100K Mountain Bike RaceNathan Brown56
2015/07/11June Lake Olympic TriathlonJP Donovan1
2015/07/04Austin Angel’s Ponderosa Ridge Trial Run - Race ReportJP Donovan1
2015/06/27Xterra – Tahoe City, CA - Race ReportPhillip Glenn2
2015/06/26Montrail 6K Uphill Challenge - Race ReportJP Donovan1
2015/05/30Ridin’ High at the Ranch Mountain Bike RaceNathan Brown8
2015/05/17Auburn Olympic Distance Triathlon - Race ReportJP Donovan1
2015/05/16Silver State 50kBen Tedore2
2015/05/16Silver State 50/50 Trail Half Marathon - Race ReportJP Donovan1
2015/05/16Silver State 50 Mile - Race ReportNoah Reynolds26
2015/05/16Pine Nut Cracker Mtn Bike RaceNathan Brown11
2015/05/03Wildflower Olympic Distance Triathlon - Race ReportJP Donovan128
2015/05/02Wildflower Sprint Mountain Bike TriathlonJP Donovan1
2015/05/02Miwok 100k - Race ReportNoah Reynolds58
2015/05/02Nevada City Dirt Classic #1Nathan Brown16
2015/04/26Xterra Trail Run Las Vegas 1/2 MarathonBen Tedore3
2015/04/26Paul Mitchell XTERRA Lake Las Vegas Trail Run - Race ReportJP Donovan1
2015/04/25Xterra West Championship - Race ReportJP Donovan11
2015/04/25Xterra West Championship – Las Vegas, NVPhillip Glenn26
2015/04/25Xterra West Championship Lake Las Vegas NVNathan Brown75
2015/04/192015 Sea Otter ClassicCraig Manning19
2015/04/12Xterra West ChampionshipsMatt Balzer1
2015/03/30Xterra West Championships – Half MarathonAimee Balzer2
2015/03/29Xterra REALMatt Balzer1
2015/03/10Spartan Beast Elite Masters World ChampionshipsMatt Pendola3
2015/03/07Xterra Motatapu - Race ReportJP Donovan26
2015/02/21Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marthon - Race ReportJP Donovan1
2015/02/14Speight’s Coast to Coast - Race ReportJP Donovan88
2014/09/212014 Xterra National ChampionshipsMatt Balzer2
2014/09/06Lost Sierra Endurance Run – 50k - Race ReportNoah Reynolds5
2014/08/10USAT Amateur Off-Road Triathlete of the YearMatt Balzer1
2014/07/19Tahoe Rim Trail 50k 2014Ben Tedore2
2014/05/17Silver State 50 Mile - Race ReportNoah Reynolds13
2013/10/282013 Xterra World ChampionshipsMatt Balzer16
2013/09/29Lost Sierra Endurance Run 50KBen Tedore1
2013/09/28Lost Sierra Endurance Run – 50k - Race ReportNoah Reynolds29
2013/09/222013 Xterra National ChampionshipsMatt Balzer1
2013/08/11Angels Staircase 60KBen Tedore8
2013/05/18Silver State 50KBen Tedore1
2012/09/29Lost Sierra Endurance RunBen Tedore8
2012/05/19Silver State 1/2 MarathonBen Tedore1
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