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February Blues

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TBF Race #3

I woke up on race morning a bit tired but ready to race, for breakfast I had fried eggs and toast and proceeded to leave the house and head to the race. Upon arriving at the race I went to pick up my packet and put my number plate on. After getting everything race ready I went to use the restroom and then began my warm-up. With only a 8 minute warm-up I was a bit nervous for the race. 12711186_10153881409459437_1828821279248028557_o-2

The start of the race was relatively slow for the first few miles, which was nice since I had done a very short warm-up. I had a good start being able to secure 4th behind Tofor Lewis, Trevor Deruise, and Nathan Barton. After A few miles Tofor and Trevor broke away and took the lead. At first I tried to bridge the gap but wasn’t quite able to catch up to them. I ended up riding the remainder of the first lap in third place in front of Nathan. Looking back towards the end of the first lap I saw Nathan And chose to back off the throttle a little to let him catch up so that we could work together. Nathan and I worked together for the second and third laps of the race switching off pulling each other. However at the end of the third lap Nathan began to pull away from me by a little bit. On the fourth lap I tried to catch back up to Nathan but was’t quite able to catch up. I finished the race thirty seconds behind Nathan with a time of 1:58:54 and got fourth in the pro field. I would also like to give a shoutout to my teammate, Craig Manning, who finished 9th in his category with a 2:12:50.



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