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Castle Peak 100k Race Report

October 7, 2015 Comments (0) Race Report

XTERRA USA Championship

Ogden, Utah is really a fantastic place. I’ve always told my friends and family that it is the one place I have visited where I can actually see myself living. On the way into town just after crossing the Nevada/Utah Border, it started pouring rain and snowing above in the mountains where we would be racing. This made me nervous the race would be a muddy mess, but boy was I wrong. Once the storm passed the trails started to dry and poof! HERO DIRT!
On race morning it was 35 degrees Fahrenheit, Pineview Reservoir was sending plumes of steam into the air, and the last thing in the world that I wanted to do was get out of the car, let alone get into the water. I was determined this time to actually get into the water early and swim a proper warm up. I had said this at previous races, but my relationship with swimming is a bit on the rocky side. This time though, I did actually get in the water on time, I swam a few hundred yards and felt good waiting for the cannon for a change.
It was a facade, once the cannon went off, the swim went about as poorly as it could have. Immediately I was getting kicked, swatted, and pulled around by all of the other swimmers because we were in such a close proximity. Once the group was thinned out things just continued to go poorly. The water felt thick, my arms were heavy, and the swim just seemed to drag on and on.
My feet were finally on the ground, and it was time to get on the bike. Transition 1 went smooth, my hands and feet were numb so getting my socks on proved to be difficult, but as soon as I was on my bike the cold wasn’t anything more than a discomfort. I was warm fairly quickly considering the race was heavy on the climbing. The course went up Wheeler Canyon and all the way to Sardine Peak, I was passing people the whole time, climbing really well. My legs felt strong and fresh, so I just kept grinding the gears. I was fairly lucky during the descents and didn’t get stuck behind too many people on the way down.
I ended up in transition 2 and for about 5 seconds I couldn’t find my spot on the rack! Luckily I got my wits about me and figured it out. I threw on my shoes and started running straight up the ski slope. A lot of people were walking, some even had their hands on the ground and they were semi-crawling up the hill. Once I got up the first hill, the run wasn’t near as miserable as I had remembered it from last year. I was able to keep a good turnover as the trail went slightly down, then up, then down again. The last mile or so of the run is a pretty steep downhill, hard on the knees and joints, but I’d take it over another uphill. The whole time going down there was somebody right on my heels, when I looked over my shoulders the guy looked young enough to possibly be in my age group, so I kept speeding up so as to not lose a spot. I was able to hold him off and take 4th in my age group. I was definitely happy with my result. It was a good day and a good race.

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